Sunday, January 4, 2009

My First Blogging Post

Crack knuckles. Sit and stare at computer. Take sip of coffee. Close eyes and think. This is harder than I thought! I suppose I'll start off by introducing us. But I'll probably delete what I type a thousand times before posting it. In the past, every time I have ever started a journal or wrote in a diary, I only made it a few days. Then I would look back on what I had written, blush with embarrassment, contemplate the horrific humiliation had anyone read what I wrote, rip out all the pages, and shred them by hand lest any curious passerby find them in the trash and read them. And here I am posting my life and thoughts for anyone in cyberspace to find! GASP! ....Here goes nothin'. We are five and we are fabulous. I am Elle, married to wonderfully handsome and helpful Jay. We have three children: Bug and twins Dee and Bex. Bug is a toddler who won't be boxed in; she is an outdoor-lovin' tomboy who loves to be pretty in purple. Bex fits the stereotype of "boy" with gusto. He's solid and robust, reflective and goofy. He smiles easily, and loves to eat, poop, and sleep. Dee, in contrast, is much higher maintenance. She's small and delicate, likes to be entertained, and doesn't take kindly to being ignored. I think we have a dog and two cats.... Yes, yes I'm sure of it. (Sleep deprivation makes the lesser-cared for members of this family fade to a distant, foggy memory). We are a family that loves to be together. We are a family that's ever-growing and learning. We are a family that doesn't quite have it all together yet, but we're joyful. We are a family that knows how blessed we are. We love eachother and we love God.


Anonymous said...

I love Elle it...(imagine me saying it like that siamese dragon from Dragon Tales). Also love the "handsome", "helper", and "hottie" comments about the "Husband", he is a "handful" of "H"!
You are such a clever reading all of it!
Love Stacey

Elle Bee said...

I thought you might catch that! All part of keeping up New Year's resolutions. HA!

Dana said...

Oh Yay! I love being able to keep up with you this way!

Erin said...

This is a great website/blog. You are such a fantastic writer! How fun! Although, I must say where do you find the time! You have your hands full! I just love everything you have written! I've read it all! This is way better than our website. We have a lot of pictures, but not as much text. I love it! Thanks Linda Lou!!!