Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A 4 Year Old Bug

Seems like just yesterday she was a pupa.  0059 ps'd

The larval stage passes so quickly. 


My Bug’s so big now, she can ride her bike like a pro.  She took Uncle to the park to show him she could ride in circles on the basketball court.


That gave me time to make her aquarium cake!


My No-Food-Dye policy went out the window for the day…along with it’s buddy White-Sugar-Reduction Policy.  But that’s okay.  Apple flavored Fruit Roll-Ups really do make the best seaweed. (FYI—that dress I’m wearing hurts!  The elastic in the arms is soooo tight.  I just had to mention that so when you see later photos of me in another dress, you don’t think I had scheduled an outfit change like a celebrity at an awards ceremony.  Although I am totally that glamorous.  In an alternate universe.  On Opposites Day.)0077

See that hairy arm reaching in and stealing ocean rocks, a.k.a Jelly Bellies?  That’s my husband.  He’s taking precious marine paraphernalia!  (stomps foot)


We took Bug to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for her birthday, so her cake had to be just right.  Who knew they make gummy octopi? Fabulous.


Bug had 2 requests for her birthday.  One, that I make homemade pizza for lunch.  Roger that.


And two, that we play fantastic games in the backyard.  Grandma and Papa contributed greatly to that request by giving Bug a Jump-o-Lene.  It’s the most fun any three kids could have bouncing around like the little joeys that they are.


She got a few other gifts, like a bug house of horrors that quickly became home (and later death trap) to three unsuspecting snails. They were later baked to a crisp on accident.  Oh dear.  (Our problem is not compassion or empathy.  It’s time management and attention span.  However, their deaths were not in vain (by our weak standards) because we got to marvel over their scientifically amazing creepiness first).


Uncle provided the Bug Encyclopedia so we could learn about all the interesting creatures she collects. 


And what fun is entomology if you can’t see the little buggers up close?  (This picture cracks me up).


But, as is customary in our family, we kept the material things to a minimum.  The real fun is in the excitement of impending CAKE!


Even at 4 (or should I say still at 4), Bug has the capacity to relish the simple joys. 


In her world, there’s plenty of time for the wishing.  (Don’t let the candles rush you, my precious girl.  There’s always more wax to melt and the world can wait while you say your prayer).


In her world, family coming over is the paramount excitement of the day.  (Don’t ever stop running to the front door, little one.  That exhilaration you feel is love walking in).


And in her world, the exploration and discovery is all part of getting to the destination!  (God help me not to rush her past it).


Now about those fantastic backyard games?


A water balloon fight was in order. Bug’s got double ammunition!


Bexy couldn’t believe his good fortune to be born into such a family.  He was beginning to have his doubts, spending all day everyday with a bunch of girls.  But this…oh this.  “You mean to say we actually get to THROW these?At people?!  On purpose?!  And not get in trouble?!”


“Something tells me I’m in to something good!”


After the war, in which both sides had stinging red patches on various torso areas, we played catch with the balloons to see who could keep the balloon intact the longest.




Dee’s burst pretty quickly.


As did mine!


A sneak attack:

0198 ps'd

0199 ps'd

But don’t worry.  He’ll get his.  Bug has a sneak attack planned on Uncle.  She says (quite covertly):  “Uncle David, stand there while I do something”.  Uncle David does his best to look completely naive as to his fate.  (Don’t get caught in the cross-fire Dee!  My little fluffy mop-head!)


After we were done pelting each other with water balloons, we found an alternate use for the Jump-o-Lene.  It also doubles as a rat wheel.  Perfect.


Then into the pool to harass Grandpa.


However, it appears Grandpa got the last laugh.


Happy 4th birthday my lovely sweet (and drenched) Bug!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ghiradelli Square and Kara's Cupcakes, San Francisco

Bug loves San Francisco. So much so that when she describes what heaven will be like she says "it will be even better than San Francisco". Now that's sayin' something.

Ghiradelli Square was one of Bug's favorite places in San Francisco. There's places to eat, stores to browse, and best of all, live music to dance to and get all the crazies out before bedtime.

All that energy was probably sugar-induced. Ghiradelli Square is home to Kara's Cupcakes! I had been there before , and had sampled several cupped cuties (in order to write a serious review of course) and had fallen in utter scrumptious love. I knew it was only fair to baptize Bug by buttercream too.
In this photo, she's feeling the same giddiness and irregular heartbeat I did when faced with all the delicious choices.
How to choose?!
Choose wisely, Bug.
Vanilla Sweet Cream.
A wise choice indeed!
I bet they have these in heaven.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Mighty Power of Butcher Paper

Mothers everywhere, rejoice!  Approximately 30 minutes of semi-unsupervised time was spent creating this butcher paper masterpiece, and all it took was some paper, tape and markers.  Skin, hair and even teeth were stained by the end, but the dishwasher got unloaded, the laundry got folded and a cup of coffee was enjoyed while clipping coupons.  It's a win-win, blue teeth notwithstanding.

Bug drew Hannah in the grass with some bees on the flowers.  Nicely done, Bug.

And here we have Dee, a budding artist.  She dabbles in abstract art.

And, apparently, body art.

Bexy here is working hard on his experiment entitled "how hard can you scribble with a pen before the tip smashes in".  The results: not that hard at all!  Huh!  Interesting!  Let's try it again!

"Hey, that camera lens looks a little dull."

"I think it could use some color."

"Just a liiiiittle touch of burnt sienna, riiiiiiiight....there!"

Right now, Dee is thinking about the color she just applied to her lips. 

"The texture is uncomfortably sticky."

"Nothing like Lip Smacker.  Hmm.  Disappointing"

"In fact, it's rather upsetting! Somebody help me!"

But Bug is happy to be covered in it.

High five, brother.