Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Turkey Cupcakes

My job was to bring the kid dessert to Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey Cupcakes seemed the only option, as they would provide visual delight and chocolate satisfaction.

They were all toms, save one.  Here's our lovely Tomasina.
This tom's brain batter got only half-baked.

This tom is frightened.  And rightfully so:  

Little hungry mouths with little chomping teeth were lingering nearby...

This tom knows his fate.  He's reflecting on his short, frosted life.

And this tom is just fed up with the whole business.

This tom is looking for an escape...  

...but there was none to be had.  Maybe being half-baked isn't so bad;

for Thanksgiving ignorance is bliss...when you're a tom.

Thanksgiving Faces

 Just a few images from Thanksgiving day. 

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some Things You Should Know

1. My husband is growing a beard.

2. Toys 'R Us should sell rocks, because that's all any kid wants to play with.

3. Bug takes my breath away.

4. When little girls get fussy & worn-out amid all the Christmas eve festivities, they tend to somersault during family photos.

But sometimes having the attention span of a gnat comes in handy.  Just wait long enough and the fussing turns into a winning smile.  Somersaulting is rather fun.

5. Uncles have very special places in nieces' hearts.

6. Little boys are hams.

7. Bug and I love to craft together.

8. Walking around looking at Christmas lights is one of the most magical things to do as a child for three important reasons. 
One, the lights are pretty.

Two, you get to be out at night!  When it's dark!!

And three, you get to be loud and run around.  And say things like "poo-lar bear" and "teeter tooter" and then giggle hysterically. 

9. I am the mother of a leaf monster.

10. They really are twins.

And now you know.