Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tomato Takeover Part 3: Spaghetti Caprese's Part 3 of Tomato Takeover, the final recipe of the series!
That makes me kinda sad.
I was enjoying hearing your shrieks of pain
every time I burned your corneas with this hideous photo. Anyway, I saved the tastiest recipe for last. Because I love you.
And I hope you love me too. Despite your wrecked corneas.
Spaghetti Caprese!
The original recipe was called Capellini Caprese.
But that's way to stuffy for Kids in the Kitchen.
What's capellini anyway. Sounds like seafood. Ew.
(I'm changing my ways though. I'm going to start making seafood
dishes for the sake of my children. I want them to grow up with
healthy eating habits. Which means I have to completely lie to them.
While violently supressing my gag reflex, I'll contort my face with
animated, eyebrow-raising fake enthusiasm and say
"Ooooo kids, let's have yummy catfish for dinner!"
(While I was typing that an audible whimper escaped my
trembling lips. No jokes, nephew).
I keep a dry erase board on the fridge.
Look at the note to myself for what's on next week's menu:
I'm gonna do it. And I'm gonna like it.) (Hey, did you notice I
just put a picture in parentheses? Now that's pure tomfoolery.))
So anyway, a quick rendezvous with Google educated
me on the subject of capellini. It's just thin spaghetti.
Thinner than vermicelli. And since my pantry boasts
a few hundred pounds of spaghetti snaking around, and not
a one of capellini, I changed the name.
This dish is scrumptious.
You will enjoy it's fiesty flavors and textural delights.
It's quite quick and easy, but that's not
apparent when tasting the end result.
First we start with our star ingredient, the tomato.
You can use any variety cut into chunks.
The recipe calls for cherry or grape tomatoes, halved.
I have used chopped Romas, chopped Early Girls, and halved
Yellow Pear tomatoes and it's been divine every time.
Today I'm using these steroidal cherry tomatoes.
They were so colossal that I quartered them instead of halving them.
We need 3 cups of 'em.
Usually my sidekick, Bug, is here. She scampered upstairs a minute ago. Suspicious activity is afoot. We also need one onion, finely chopped. And since I don't do anything "finely", my onion is coarsely chopped. Now, switch gears and measure 3/4 cup of Kraft Tuscan House Italian dressing. I've used Kraft's Zesty Italian dressing in the past and it's a perfectly suitable substitute. Pour the dressing into a skillet and bring to a bubble. At bubble, add 2 cloves of garlic, minced. (And seeing as how I don't mince either, my garlic is pressed.) (Are you slowly forming an image of me as this listless, languishing, whiny sloth? Good. That's fairly accurate.)
(And one more thing. If you promise not to look at my pudgy
fingers above, I promise I'll stop using parentheses so much. Deal?)
(How come I get the feeling you just scrolled back up to take a closer look?)
(That's ok. I can't break free from my parenthetical addiction anyway.
Deal taken off the table.))))))))
By now the intoxicating perfume of garlic and Italian dressing
will probably be drawing family members from all
corners of your home to the kitchen.
That's usually what happens here.
Except not today. Bug. Where is that girl?
Add the chopped onion. Cook and stir for a few minutes.
Then add the tomatoes. Cook a few minutes more.
I apologize for that wretched photo.
If I don't find my Fuji user's manual soon
and find out why I'm having photographical angst,
I'm going to flush my camera down the toilet,
blame it on Bex and then ask Jay if I can
get a different camera.
We should get some pasta going.
Boil it according to the directions on the package.
HEY!!! BUG! Where ya been? Oh. Dressing up like a princess, huh?
Putting on some of mom's jewelry I see?
Well, be careful with that. Jewelry is valuable and
I'd hate to lose my elastic-stringed, plastic-
beaded bracelets from Target.
I went out to get some basil from the garden...
...and what did I find but this wee unexpected one:
Hello little snapdragon darling amongst the chives.
Where did you come from?
Look at these splendid basil leaves.
They're so dark and fragrant.
Tender, yet almost leathery between my fingers.
Um. Chopping of the herbs is in order. 1/3 cup of chopped basil to be exact.
No manservant for miles around. What's a damsel in distress to do...
Oh, look! The pasta's done. Drain it and add it to the sauce in the skillet. Toss.
Turn off the fire and add 1 cup shredded mozzarella and the chopped basil.
Plate it up and here's Spaghetti Caprese! Delicious!
Closer inspection reveals that no manservant was ever found to do the job.
Basil appears massacred. Mutilated. Maimed.


cherie said...

hello, elle bee, you've gotten me so hungry!!! hahah! yum! pretty little girl, too, and lovely garden surprise!

Dandy said...

I keep reading your recipes and thinking to myself I can totally handle this.... but then I remember I don't cook and I feel bad for B. I

'll make something today. I will, really!

And I did stare at your fingers, which are quite cute. Almost as cute as Princess Bug. Can you come over and make me dinner?

Bentley Boutique said...

You're killing me with these wonderful recipes!! Got to get off this diet soon so I can try them:)

CottageGirl said...

Now I have a hankerin' for your pasta!!!!!!!!! I'm getting out the pots!

Jana said...

the union will indeed suit us well friends forever it is!!! I need depends to read your posts. I need a Bug. The root of capellini is directly related to capallaries...which are the tiniest veins in our body and I just figured the knowledge of that would be ever so important to you....or maybe not...

I confess I looked at your fingers again...which had no pudge haha...The recipe looks fantastic and I just harvested tomatoes from the yard YAY! Im a seafood lover so if you need recipes that dont make you loathe eating it I will do my best to help...

Thanks for you sweet words on my Momma kitty post! this will conclude my comment novel.

Debbie said...

HAHAHA, yes I scrolled up to look at your fingers. The recipe looks delicious and I think we will be having it this week as I don't have much time to cook, being in the "packing kid for college" mode all week.

Heart2Heart said...

OH if only I had me some home grown tomatoes, I would have everything to put this fantastic recipe to work for me. I am going to save it and make it this week. I just need to get to the grocery store for the tomatoes.

Hmm perhaps on Friday night since my teen is in school most days this week til almost 10pm.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

monica said...

Now that looks likes some good pasta!! Fresh herbs, how wondeful!!

McVal said...

Oh my! That looks wonderful! I'm going to have to use a wet vac on my keyboard to get the drool cleaned off.

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

This looks so good as does all the other recipes you have posted. Oh, by the way, your kids look delicious too.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I love your tomato recipes! I'm trying to cook cook cook all my 'maters up so I don't have to can them. Oh, do I ever hate to can. This looks wonderful, and no peeling of tomatoes involved.. thank you for that! :) -Tammy

curegirl0421 said...

That looks DELICIOUS and I want some.

Also, excellent use of "Phantasmagorically".


Unknown said...

Guess what??? You WON the On Being Relaunch!!! Head over and be sure to email me your information so I'll be sure to get it out to you and to tell you more about the virtual personal fashion consultant prize! Congratulations.

Kat said...

Great post. Lovely photos. Everything looks good enough to eat. And I like the tomato shot, too.