Monday, October 19, 2009

October Crafts

Paper Plate Pumpkins

Missy at Two Little Monkeys did this easy, adorable paper plate pumpkin craft and I knew Bug would love it.

Dad-twins' birthday 051

Using watercolor paints, Bug painted two paper plates orange.

Dad-twins' birthday 049

I cut jack-o'-lantern faces out of black construction paper and Bug glued them on.

Dad-twins' birthday 054

Dad-twins' birthday 055

Here comes a curious bystander (who would be more accurately described as a curious bycrawler).

Dad-twins' birthday 057

“Hmm. Let me see if I can destroy this” said the enormous baby.

Dad-twins' birthday 058

I corralled the beast for this photo.

Dad-twins' birthday 056

Spooky Bat!

Okay…why is this photo here. I’m sure I had a spectacularly quirky and witty thing to say about it, but it is now gone from my genius mind. How it would fit in to bat-craftdom is throwing me off. Well, let me tell you this: I love ribbon. So there.


Let’s do this batty thing.

First I cut two egg holders off of an egg carton.


Then Bug painted them black.


I cut out some batty parts from black construction paper. These are all the pieces.


Don’t be intimidated by my bat awesomeness. It takes a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology to get this good. My parents are so proud of their well-spent money and what their daughter has accomplished with it.


Then Bug glued the bat parts together—wings, head, red eyes (for spookiness) and fangs. Of course, fangs. Then the egg carton pieces get glued on for the nose. It adds a little dimension. It’s very biologically authentic, I assure you.


Okay, really! What is going on here?? But now you know. I love me some ribbon. It’s important to know all the facts about the people you’re friends with.


Marshmallow Ghosts

Didn’t we all make these in kindergarten? And our moms saved them in the Halloween box so the next year we had a petrified marshmallow ghost? But we were only 6 by then, so of course we tried to eat it? Mmmm. Crunchy. Just wanted to pass along this fascinating culinary tradition to my daughter.


Here’s everything we started with. Toy dog on the corner of the table is optional.


We found it best to cut the marshmallows in half.


We also found it helpful to eat copious amounts of the cylindrical little sugar puffs. Wait. Helpful for who?


You put the marshmallow in the center of a facial tissue.


Wrap it up. Tie it with string or twine.


Draw a ghostly face on it.


And there you have a friendly little Casper of your very own!

We made 5 for a very good reason: our ceiling fan has 5 blades. And there’s really nothing funnier to a 3 year old then 5 Kleenex clad marshmallows whirling around. Oh, and if I put the fan on high, Mr. Bat starts whipping around. Bug about loses her head laughing when that happens. When the tape holding one of the ghosts fails and the ghost flings off into outer-living room-space? Forget it. Bug’s on the ground rolling.


Easy crafts, easy laughs! What’s not to love?


SouthernDogwoods said...

So cute!!!!
I love the pumpkins & what a great idea for the bats and ghosts!!!
So scary!!!

Chelsea said...

Cute blog. I don't have kids yet but I'll keep reading your blog and file your ideas in the back of my brain! :)

curegirl0421 said...

The image of Bug losing it when the ghostie made a run for it totally cheered me up today.

Unknown said...

I love the ideas and so much fun in creating them. The innocent bystander was pretty darn cute too. Can you imagine what he would've done with her creations?

Flat Creek Farm said...

I love your creations! The best for me was picturing Bug laughing at all of the critters flying around. Too cute. You are such a fun mom!!!-Tammy

Meghan said...

We are SO making those pumpkins!

blushing rose said...

Awwww! Never thought of this BUT I just posted my little babblers creations, also. Have a wonderful, warm week. TTFN ~ Marydon

teamkyte said...

Super cute! I LOVE the bat!!!! I will have to post pix of our "pumpkin patch" I have saved all of the kids pumpkins they have made from year to year. Save Bug's art - in a few years she wont make near as much and it will be sad and your house will be stark...I better go make a craft!

monica said...

How cute...all of them. I will have to try at least one of these crafts for the boys this weekend!!

Yelena R. said...

They are all so cute! Love the little ghosts :)

CottageGirl said...

Lucky Bug! I can see just how much she enjoys those Halloween crafts! Dex can't wait to get in on the action!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my... so cute! But what I really want to talk about is RIBBON. You and I have something ELSE in common, I too love ribbon... I like your ribbon organizer! oooh! Look at my ICMT today! (there's ribbon...)

Dandy said...

I tried to comment yesterday but my other work computer wouldn't let me. I suppose it could be because I was supposed to be working.

I was going to say that I think Bug needs a playmate. Someone to do all those crafts with. And I think it should be me.

Unknown said...

I love the crafts! I can't stop laughing at the thought of Speedy Gonzalez dressed up as a ghost! : )
Be well! ~Andrea~

Oh yeah, zoology??!! Very cool!!!

Christina said...

So hilarious...I had a flashback to when I was about, oh I don't know, sometime in high school, or maybe eighth grade. My friend and I thought it was absolutely hysterical to throw socks up into the fan and watch them fly off who knows where. Thinking about that now, I'm not sure what to think actually. That was pretty silly and weird. I promise we were sober. I think that your ghosts are probably much funnier.
Love your "bat awesomeness" by the way. :)

golonghorns said...

So fun! Can I send my kids to your house to get their craft on? Hanging my head in shame.