Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Little Bit of Twindom

Uh...what's going on here? Are they about to high five each other? Are they having a show of solidarity for their new-found twins club? I have a feeling I'm not eligible to be a member. Maybe one of them said "all in favor of not sleeping through the night for the month of August, raise your hand". They look entirely too enthusiastic about that.
They graduated to big-kid car seats. I'm not sure how that happened. We're breaking the time barrier here. Must research this and learn how to squelch it. If I can figure out how to do it, mothers of babies this cute everywhere will thank me. Or maybe they won't, if their babies have also made pacts with each other to not sleep through the night.

One of my favorite things about babies is that they don't have any filters or censors or self consciousness. Look how open and honest their faces are, especially Dee's in this particular photo. I have heaps of photos where that innocence is captured in all 3 of the children. Nothing hidden. Nothing guarded. They expect love. They expect to be taken care of. They don't question their God-given value, simply because they are. They know they're good enough simply because they exist in this world. It makes my heart so tender for them. Because someday that may change and they'll erroneously learn to check their value at the door until someone else hands it back to them. The wisdom of this world will likely humble them. I know it's part of life, a part of growing up, and I will teach them to be strong enough to weather it. But you can bet I will try to shield them from it for as long as I live.

Now why did I have to go and get all serious on you? I can't leave it like that. We better watch a video of happy twin buddies!


Meghan said...

They are just so so cute! I looked like Tristan was giving Sophie a kiss! :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh my gosh, they are SO cute!! The video is just precious. -tammy