Friday, July 17, 2009

Paper Bag Puppets

Bug has a book that is a compilation of stories. One of the stories is called The Rabbit and the Tiger. It quickly became one of stories she wanted read to her multiple times a day. One of those stories I would hold my breath and hope she wouldn't ask for again. One of those stories I would resist the urge to hide behind the other books so she wouldn't choose it again. One of those stories you just think 'but there's so many other interesting stories we haven't yet read a whopping 9 times today'. But it was this story we read, and read with enthusiasm, because our daughter adores it. Because she loves a story at all! Because how could we ever squash a young mind's desire for a beloved, albeit worn out, plot? And because, most of all, books are magical, even if the adult reader is so predictably jaded. So we read it again and again and again. This book also has instructions on how to make paper bag puppets for each character of said story. Gracie worked hard on all the elements: eyes, tails, wings, paws. It was a very important project. Full of important gluing, coloring and scissoring. Here is the whole cast: Tiger, Rabbit, Mouse, Turtle, Toucan and Monkey. Oh, and the little director is in the middle.


Dandy said...

Look at her concentration! Those puppets are so adorable!

InWeighOverMyHead said...

You are the BEST mom!

Meghan said...

What? Grace can use scissors and glue? Oh man. I need to get goin' with Emily! Maybe you are just braver than I.

Looks like lots of fun! And don't ya just love those "read 'em 8 times a day" books? :)