Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Learning

This summer we decided to focus on learning reading, writing, and numbers.  But we also wanted to include some fun stuff, so I added in learning about what it means to be in a family, some American Sign Language, and the different months of the year.

I'm keeping things simple at first.  Sometimes it's hard to remember who belongs to whom and who is married to whom when you're 4.

But as long as we know we're all part of God's family, that's all that really matters anyway!

The kitchen cabinets have become a place to display what we're learning.

Each month, this cabinet's display will change.  For July, we saluted zucchini, flowers, the American flag, popsicles, "cob on the corn", watermelon and fireworks.

Everyone gets their own cabinet to display current works of art.

Each child's creation is so precious to me!

I can see their different personalities in each pen stroke.

And now for a little signing!


Alice said...

love it love it love it love it! Could not love it MORE!

McVal said...

So cute!!! My sister and I learned the alphabet in sign language so we could talk to each other during church... oops!

Buckeroomama said...

It is SO awesome that you're teaching them ASL! Both J & Z were Baby Signers and they still remember the signs and they've come in handy in situations where they couldn't talk too loudly (e.g. library, church...).

Jackie said...

I'm getting so many ideas from you. I love this cabinet idea!

Happy Monday.


Unknown said...

Her excitement for learning is overflowing! I love the cabinet idea. Will you be homeschooling the kids? Gracie is doing wonderful at 4 in her learning abilities. What a cutie pie she is!


Love it, Thanks for sharing. How are you?

Seizing My Day said...

I love the food drawings!! so cute! Clever to use the cabinets!!

Relyn Lawson said...

Can you imagine how much I love that you use every part of your home to help your children to learn?

Ingrid_3Bs said...

When the twins were the age of yours we used the back of our front door to display all their work. Now just the fridge gets it.

Muthering Heights said...

That family tree is adorable...what a CUTE activity! :)

Dandy said...

I can't wait to show this to my parents! We've been talking about baby signs and I just love how excited and knowledgeable Bug is!

I also couldn't help but notice the fantastic bees that she drew and put on the cabinet.... I don't suppose she could draw one for the Peanut's room? Hmmmmm?

I;m shameless, I know.

Unknown said...

Now it's my turn, I love, love, love this post! Bug is just the sweetest little girl ever. Plain and simple.

What a fantastic idea you've created with the cabinets. Take lots of photos as these progress over the years, it will make a beautiful memory book for you and for each of them.

This is what being a SAHM is all about, and these darlings are thriving. I just love watching them grow. : )


PS. Please tell Bug my favourite sign is the one for mosquito...very funny!