Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Nicest Thing

The nicest thing happened to me yesterday, in the form of a little mailbox love. 

You all know how wonderful it is to receive packages in the mail.  Well this one had a couple unexpected extras!

Do you remember the gorgeous tile necklaces Traveling Longhorns made for Dandy?  I adored them, especially this one:

 So she made me one!!!  And sent it to me!!  She is so kind and generous.  You see, she believes that moms need shiny things too, when it's their babies' special days.  So in honor of the twins' upcoming 2nd birthdays, she sent me this beautiful piece.  I just love it.  I have at least 5 different outfits in my head that I've paired it with. 

Now on to the two little surprises:

 She also sent me these shirts she made!
So cute and crafty!
I was so impressed by her savvy sizing smarts too.
She somehow knew Dee needed a 24 month size and Bex
needed 2T.  I guess fellow moms just know.

Dee's 2 has watermelons on it.  Watermelons!!
Juicy, cute, perfectly pink watermelons!

Bexy's has flames.  And they're flickering up out of the pocket too!
So totally clever. 
I love these shirts, and the necklace tile, and the fact that they were made with love by a sister in Christ that I've never even met. 
The connections I make in the blogosphere never cease to amaze me.
Thank you so much Traveling Longhorns!

And.  As fellow moms would also know, the previous photos of the twins are only 3 of about 53.
I can't not post the following.
It's a glimpse into the journey we took to get to the above photos!

I said "can you love each other?" And this is what I got:

 They're just warming up here.

Then we had to notice the clouds. 
"Cowds!  Mommy!!!  Cowds.  MOM.  MOM.  COWDS."

 Those were some amazing clouds.

Then they remembered they had really fascinating bellies.
 And belly buttons.

Believe it or not, that's not all of the photos in this journey.  But right now Blogger will only take me to a troubleshooting page when I try to upload more.  So I'll publish this for now and be back later!



southerninspiration said...

That pendant is adorable, but the kids are more adorable! How sweet and thoughtful of her, and how precious your babies are!
Loved all the pics!


Unknown said...

Oh my, oh my those two just melt my heart. I simply can not believe how much they change, their facial features especially, between each post. And you know, (I know you do!) this post just made my day! Merci!!!!!!

What sweet gifts to receive from a sister..this blogosphere sure has been kind to us. : )


Andrea said...

Your little ones are so cute! I love to see all the pictures you post :)

And I'm jealous of the tile! It's very pretty! Can't wait to see you wear it :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

So completely adorable, those two are!! What wonderful gifts from a talented gal :) Thanks for sharing!! -Tammy

golonghorns said...

So glad you liked everything! The twins look so cute in their shirts and looks like they had a fun time with the photo shoot :)
Blessings, Jennifer

Meghan said...

Oh how I adore those kids. They are just too cute for words. I cannot wait for the day when I get to squeeze them!!

And how cute are those shirts!? Love them!

Relyn Lawson said...

That is so, so kind. Isn't this wonderful blogland we've created just an amazing place to be?

Marisa said...

The twins look like they are really enjoying hamming it up for the camera...too sweet.

What a wonderful idea for T-shirts. When I finally get some girls are really taking their time...I think I will try the T-shirt thing for each year...well, until they get old enough that they will be too embarrassed to wear their age on their shirt.

Buckeroomama said...

Jennifer is really awesome with the things she makes!! That's so sweet that she made those shirts for the twins... they both look ultra-adorable in the shirts! =)

And the tile pendant? Is so pretty! I bet you get comments from lots of people whenever you wear it. :)