Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ode To My Parents

You know what? My parents deserve some recognition, a load of appreciation and a huge batch of gratitude. They have been helping Jay and I since we were married. They've provided support in the form of money, super grandparenting abilities, helping with household improvement projects, lending a sympathetic ear and solicited advice...Come back to super grandparenting abilities: Since the twins were born , they have been here more days out of the week than not, wiping little bottoms, feeding crying mouths, making broccoli-family lunches ("this is the mommy broccoli, the daddy broccoli, and the baby broccoli"--just how Bug likes it), spending afternoons 'chalking' on the driveway, and acting out The Tale of Jeremy Fisher by Beatrix Potter for what feels like forever. (And believe me, pretending to be Jack Sharp the stickleback takes some talent and sustained energy). So I penned this feeble poem for them to demonstrate what life would be like sans Mom & Dad: Without my parents the laundry piles high the dinner is left in the fridge to die sanity's a bust, coffee's a must and the poor dog is left high and dry Without my parents the twins wail away for breakfast, a nap, and a shower I pray frames collect dust (oops, I think I just cussed) Bug watched five hours of TV today! Without my parents the carpets amass dirt no one ever offers to iron Jay's shirt have I made the bed? Not since the first of Feb! I guess a little filth never hurt. Without my parents I'm frazzled and fried pull out my hair or smile? I can't decide but thanks to Mom & Dad the plan is iron-clad: hunker down, relax and enjoy the ride!

Thank you Mom & Dad! XO

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