Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dee & Her Dad Share a Laugh

In this video, Dee and her dad are sharing a special moment. But the truly heartwarming thing about this video is that there is nothing "special" about it. Jay shares moments like these with each of our three children every day. He is a down-in-the-trenches, roll-up-his-sleeves, get-his-hands-messy type of father, and I love him for it. You'll never see Jay on the sidelines when it comes to his family. That includes sweet giggling moments like these, but also the messy poop-up-the-back moments, or rocking-the-feverish-baby-all-night-long-while-she-vomits-on-your-shirt-moments, or the-toddler-doesn't-feel-like-behaving moments. Oh, and he does dishes too! I'm exceptionally fortunate to be married to such a gem.


Dana said...

That is so cute! I love how she "startles" every time and then laughs. Oh, and I love the kicking little feet too! Priceless!

Dad2TSG said...

Thank you love. I don't deserve half the thanks and kudos that you do. If I'm in the trenches, you're on the frontline. You are truly an amazing mother and wife! I am blessed!

Erin said...

Very very cute! I agree with your mom, I love how she startles every time. It's too cute! Oh how fun to be a mom and a dad! These moments are the best!!!