Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Monday was Bug's first day in ballet/tap class and what a day it was!! I was full of trepidation, nerves and tender-hearted apprehension for my little girl. Oh brother. I can only imagine what will I be like on her first day of kindergarten. (If it's anything like her first day of dance, I'll be wringing my hands, standing in a puddle of my own tears, bursting with pride and protectiveness. Ugh. Give me a break.) I wanted it to be a day that was full of fun with other little girls her age. I wanted it to be a day that built up her confidence. It turned out to be all of that!
This is Bug in the costume the girls will wear for their recital. Unfortunately, Bug will not be able to dance in the recital because I signed her up too far into the semester, but she was able to try on another absent little girls' dress and participate in the practice routine. Okay, brace
yourself and prepare to melt:
Isn't she lovely?! I think I could eat the tap shoes alone, so let's not even get into the pink tulle and the little blond head atop it.
Bug did so well and had such a good time. She was incredibly dialed in to Ms. Kelly, the dance instructor, and followed all the moves. There was all kinds of delightful twirling, tapping, and arm movements...all of which I completely failed to capture on film, due to the fact that I was too busy trying to muffle my bawling and blubbering. Am I a little proud? A tad.


Lisa said...

OMGOSH! She looks soooooo cute!

Meghan said...

What a sweet little girl! I can't wait to start getting Emy into these sorts of things.. soon enough, I will be blubbering right along with you! :)

Dana said...

Grace is beautiful in her Tutu and taps, and I love the sign above her head on the wall! I think every Mom can relate with the crying thing! I cried at every choir performance, every band performance and then every time Adam would play his guitar! I think it's just an overwhelming love for your kids that can only spill over into tears of happiness and pride. (Otherwise, we might just burst!)

Mr. M said...

She's beautiful, you are aloud to be proud...and no I didn't mean that to rhyme. ;-D

Dandy said...

AAahhhhh! I can't wait for this someday!