Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two New Additions to the Family

We got two goldfish for Bug. We made them a nice home. Blue pebbles... a big rock to swim through... and plants. It was really exciting! We love to watch them. Welcome Nemo & Dorothy, the two newest members of our family!


Dana said...

Nemo and Dorothy, welcome! Allyson has had many goldfish, so many that she stopped naming them. Now she just numbers them, like "fish1, fish2. She even had a smallish one that she named fish2 and a half!

Meghan said...

Oh! We've been wanting to get some goldfish for the kids, too. Maybe soon!

Mr. M said...

Very cool..we have a turtle, he's a red-eared slider. We were trying to name him and no matter what we came up with our littlest called him "Turtley," so that's his name. Of course, I tried to embellish his talents and make him sound more macho so I call him Turtle Lee, like Bruce Lee, that makes him a Ninja Turtle.