Monday, February 21, 2011

Hangin' at the Hut

Sunny skies...


...and a few chickens...

...make for one very happy girl.

Oh.  And one chop-licking dog.

My grandma had a Barred Rock. Named Pepper.  I don't know if I named it or if that was already her name.
She was my favorite.  And now I have two Peppers of my own, Daffodil and Tulip.  

Feeding the chickens at my grandparents house in Kansas is one of my most fondest memories, ever.  I got to take a bucket of kitchen scraps to the coop and feed them.  What a thrill!  I made sure each chicken got it's fair share, especially Pepper.

I see so much of myself in Gracie sometimes.  She loves the chickens!  She tries her best to pet them before they scuttle away.

She loves to just sit and talk to them and feed them treats, like radish greens and apple cores.  

She makes sure they all get fed fairly, too.  


Meghan said...

What a beauty! I love Gracie's hair!

Unknown said...

Is that your dog or is the chop-licking hound a visitor?

I love that intent gaze -- very determined looking!

Flat Creek Farm said...

And yay! You have chickens! I have no idea why your blog isn't showing up in my list i'm following... will investigate. Congrats on the chickens. I can tell how much your darling kiddos are enjoying them!! Missed ya!! -Tammy