Monday, February 21, 2011

Muddy Buddies

Please note: Sophie only has one boot on.  How long has the situation been a one-boot situation?  I know not.  But a study of the degree of sock-griminess leads me to believe at least 30 minutes have elapsed since boot-removal.  One thing I know for sure:

that sock is toast.  

Bewildered that she continues to play.  
Bewildered that I don't really care.  
Some days I get a gift from God: a notion to relinquish control on messiness and just let 'em at it.

It was cold out this morning.  But they would not be deterred from their worm search.  And mud-cookie making.  And other such dirtaphile activities.  I was proud of their determination, so I rewarded them with some hot chocolate.

PS.  Grace would like you to know she's a muddy buddy too.  But just not as muddy.


Meghan said...

I was giggling through both those videos. What sweet kids they are! I loved the way they said so many things... when Tristan said "chocolate" the first time, "go losh is", "oopsie daisies"... the way they were saying "brrr brrr"... AHH, they are sooo cute!!!!

McVal said...

LOL! Grace has a little more common sense due to her age. SHE kept her shoes on!
Looks like a blast.

Dandy said...

I don't know what is cuter... they way he pronounces his words or the fact that she is walking around with one shoe!