Sunday, May 22, 2011


We call him Buster-oony.

Sometimes I add on Doony.  As in Buster-oony Doony.

Frequently that accompanies "high five a-roonie-doonie".  
As in "high five a-roonie-doonie, Buster-oony Doony!"

And that's only when we're not calling him Buster-eeno.  
Buster-eeno Deeno.

Yep.  (crickets chirping)


Christina said...

Love nicknames!! We have Michaela-bo-bayla, shortened to Bayla sometimes. We also had a Monster-Ro, and an Ellie Belle. I love all the extras in yours! :)

Meghan said...

Love his fun nicknames! Tristan is just too too cute!!

Unknown said...

Ha! Buster dooney mickey rooney!

McVal said...

lol! Our nicknames were Paddlin' Madeline, Meredith got scared to death and of course Babesy butts for my oldest.

Dandy said...

What? Thats just crazy talk!

Of course, we have a million nicknames over here too.

Relyn Lawson said...

Hey, thanks for inviting me here. I was wondering what had happened. Glad to see all is still well with you and yours.

Lisa said...

Ok, I am ready for a new post now! :) I am sorry I am obsessed with all your cute pics. lol