Monday, May 2, 2011

Innocence is Beautiful

So.... I don't let my daughter watch PG movies.  (And some G movies too!)  I don't like movies with sexy princesses and teenage romance as the central theme.  I don't like adult humor infused into children's movies.  I don't like the use of the word "fat", "stupid" or "idiot" in children's movies. I don't like movies where the characters are disrespectful to their parents and mean to their friends. Call me crazy.

Grace doesn't yet understand what a "boyfriend" is.   Call me overbearing.

She doesn't yet have an attitude.  She wouldn't even know the first thing about putting her hands on her hips and rolling her eyes.   

I take one look at her, see her thriving, see her so in love with God, and I think--am I missing something here?
For heaven's sake, let them be little!  I guess you can call me conservative if you must, but I'm really not.

There will be plenty of time for all the concerns of a young woman later.
But for now, she can just be whoever she wants.  She can be a precious little girl who found out on her own that she likes dresses and snails and climbing trees (while wearing dresses!) and her rock collection and fuzzy black spiders and flowers and tea party gloves, without a TV commercial telling her so!  Imagine that!  

Anyway, right now, she's too busy building a relationship with the first man in her life, Jesus.  The one who will never leave her, never change on her, never fail her and never stop loving her.  

Oh, and yeah, you can call me a Jesus-freak any time!  Thanks for the compliment!


grandma2vja said...

Amen Linda!!! I hate that just being children is being taken away from children. Life is too short to be an adult the whole time! Roxy

McVal said...

That is so great! I don't know what we did with our 2nd child, but she is the same way. She takes her Bible with her everywhere and writes Bible verses on her hands during church to either ask us about later or talk to her friends about them. And she has a Bible study before school on Wednesdays. She loves God so much. She amazes me. My youngest now carries her own Bible with her to church and I hope follows in her sisters footsteps. Our oldest... well... I just pray he'd join us at church more often...
I would rather be a Jesus freak instead of just a plain one...

Unknown said...

I so agree. And the clothes...with their labels or sayings...they make me cringe.

She is so precious in His sight and so is her momma. : )

Meghan said...

What a sweet sweet girl Gracie is. Good job to you, Mama! Love you!

Christina said...

Good for you! It is a hard path (and one I have not been steady about staying on), and you are wise for walking it with your family.