Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Perfect Easter Day

This is a long over due post about Easter. Boy, am I far behind! My computer got the H1N1 virus (or something like that--those Geek Squad boys are pretty cryptic--but I'm convinced it was swine flu) and I couldn't log on to Blogger for weeks. Even when my computer had successfully kicked the bug, I still couldn't post because, see, I've got these 3 pint-sized munchkins that live in my house and they take up my time by engaging in all manner of nincompoopery. Can you believe they actually expect me to feed, clothe and bathe them? Yeah, it's insane. Anyway, Easter.
Bug was a great egg-dyer.
The hands got dyed too.
We applied stickers.
Then things got nutty.
Beautiful! Job well done Bug! Easter morning started out with a trail of treats to a fun Easter basket surprise! Buggy ate the whole trail as she followed it. Thankfully it was mostly dried fruit so we avoided a sugar-fueled munchkin lunar launch. The groggy twins say "Happy Easter Bunny"! Don't they look so snuggly in their sleep sacks? Oh, I could just devour them.
After church we went to dfS's house to enjoy the sun with our best friends!

I've devised a special treat to commemorate my return from blogging limbo: your first glimpse of the much-talked-of-but-never-before-seen dfS:
(dfS is wearing water balloon war paint under her eyes. What.
Doesn't everyone have a water balloon fight on Easter?)
Look at Bex...only 6 months old and he already adores her just like the rest of us.

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teamkyte said...

your eggs look very pretty - ours were mostly brown because they wanted to use all of the colors!