Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bexie's Turn

My sweet, sweet boy. Oh how I love my boy! Mamma. Stop taking pictures and just feed me. Please.
I love his big bald head so much that I have to fight the urge to crop this much.
This is the original photo: I knew the looming refrigerator and skin tone would be my biggest obstacles. Well, that and my ignorance. I went overboard again. I think it's a prerequisite for me. Go overboard, then have a friend (thanks AR!) reign you back in. Put the hard light layer down and back away, Elle. Case in point: Whoa, people. My son is fuzzy around the edges and quickly losing all pigment on his big beautiful bald head! I read all P Widdy's tutorials, but the problem is, I don't have her restraint.
I don't know. There's something wrong with the photo. Bex is perfect and beautiful. But the photo is weird. Too warm. DARN IT!! STOP WARMING IT 20 TIMES!! Once is good enough! If one chocolate chip tastes good, a handful must be delicious. If one warming action is good, 20 must be delicious. Uhhhh.....yeah, following that philosophy made my once white refrigerator a weird shade of peach....back to the drawing board.
PS Could someone write Oprah and ask her to send Nate Berkus my way so my bedroom can stop looking like this?
I know you were all running for pen and paper, but I just imagined this scenario: Nate shows up at my doorstep, unannounced, camera crew in tow. Agonizing, awkward silence ensues as poor speechless Nate surveys me standing uncomfortably in the doorway in (what can't possibly pass for) my pajamas, pot belly hanging over, dirty socks and unshaven legs. Kids are wailing (some not even mine, possibly) in the background in various stages of undress, as the dog eats the only breakfast she'll see that day: what got unceremoniously shoved off the high chair trays. Nope, let's not go there. Nobody write Oprah. Thank you for your kindness. To me, and to the world, which doesn't need to see that.


teamkyte said...

I love Nate but also fear him walking through my door!!!

Meghan said...

Woah! I say pick one of the gray tones for your bedroom. I like it.

InWeighOverMyHead said...

His eyes are stunning!!!

Mr. M said...

Love the picture of your son!!!

And I think that TV Show designers have pretty much put the average joe between a rock and a hard place when trying to "do it yourself"