Saturday, June 27, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Photoshop software should come with a warning label written on the box. "You will need a 12 step program if you wish to stop editing photos into the wee hours of the morning". If no one hears from me outside this blasted blog in the next 24 hours, send an intervention team over. I'll sob and lash out, but just hug me and tell me all the ways in which Photoshop has threatened our relationship.
Here's some of my favorite photos.
Uncle David's the best.

Grandpa's pretty great too.

Blossoms in Kansas. So much to explore. Vibrant. Joy. Look at that juicy drumstick of a leg. Beautiful.

Dive into those eyes and swim around for a while.

She's thinking. (And I'm trying not to eat her little pink-socked foot).



InWeighOverMyHead said...

I love the pics! I wish I photoshop!

teamkyte said...

AMAZING!! I am afraid of photoshop, so complicated!!!! The pix look great tho!