Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time Time Tickin' Tickin' Tickin' Away

7 months ago.
Time is moving at the speed of life. That means fast and slow, all at once. Each day passes slowly, for which I'm grateful. Then I have time to enjoy each moment. And I really am enjoying each moment. Our little family has hit it's groove. Our messy, hectic, splendid groove. For the first time in my life, I'm content. I'm right where I'm supposed to be. I don't yearn for anything different. I like the nest I'm nestled in. God has hemmed me in, all snug in a family that is just perfect for me. But despite savoring each day, I find these old photos and realize that time has dismissed all my efforts and sped by anyway. I haven't noticed the twins growing a quiet inch here, a gentle ounce there. These pictures force me to acknowledge that my children have busted out! They're grabbing on to life and barreling forward with it. No apologies! And that's what you want, right? That (while it makes me pensive and wistful) is what I want. Because each new stage brings new joys. And I've got all their past joys stored up in my heart
(and in the scrapbook--you better believe it baby!).
I found these sweet pictures of my lovely mother-in-law, also taken 7 months ago. These pictures may make her even more wistful than I, for grandparents know, maybe even more acutely than parents, how time can sneak by. They've been down this road a time or two before us.

(In case you were wondering, my mother-in-law did not have Jay when she was 12. She's just naturally youthful and beautiful!)

Nighty-night sweet one month old babies. Just to let you know, your 8 month old selves are rockin' and rollin'!


Meghan said...

That's so funny- what you said about Jeff's mom.. I was totally thinking she looked young enough to be his sister!

And I know what you mean about these kids growing up too fast. Emy will be 3 next month. I can't believe it!

teamkyte said...

It all goes by so fast!!! My girls will be 2 in September...sigh