Thursday, September 3, 2009

Orange Dream

Bug's such a good sport.
She mucked around this doorway
letting me snap away.
Sometimes I requested certain poses but I quickly found
that only resulted in strange facial expressions
and unnatural body language.
The other night I asked Bug, "what's the best part of your day with Mommy?"
And she replied "helping you cook". Be still, my beating heart.
Then, out of curiosity, I asked her
"what's the worst part about your day with Mommy?"
She replied "well...praying mantises have really scratchy front legs.
I don't like that berry much. And sometimes picture-taking."
On the inside, I sucked my breath in.
Delicately, so as not to break the spell of honesty, I replied,
"yeah. Sometimes I do take too many pictures, don't I."
To which she said "I like 2 or 3 pictures. Not a bunch."
I think she has a point.
So it's just 2 pictures of my orange dream today.
And that's just the right amount.
PS Can someone tell me why my photos aren't
blurry and distorted on my computer screen but then
I upload them to Blogger and they look horrible?


Alice said...

Wow, she is just a gorgeous girl and what sweet words! Have a feeling my boys will be saying similar things about picture taking - so while they still can't talk...

I dread the day they're old enough to say "STOP blogging about me!" - what would I have to talk about?!


Debbie said...

Oh but I promise she will be glad that you took the pictures when she is older. I grew up in a family where we were ALWAYS taking pictures, and you have seen how happy I was in some of them. But I think they are hilarious now.

Lois Christensen said...

She looks adorable! I really wish we had digital cameras about 10 years ago when my kids were younger. I'd have a hard time stopping at two! Enjoy your day!

Simply Colette said...

Thatt's so cute! Adorable daughter. Thanks for following. Love the idea of cooking with kids. Can't wait to hear more. :)

CottageGirl said...

Bug is just as cute as a .... well YOU know!

Thank you for making my day each day with glimpses into your lovely family!!!

Unknown said...

I think Bug's right because these two photos are amazing. What a sweetheart! : )
Be well! ~Andrea~

WhiteStone said...

Decades ago (Eeeew!) I loved taking photos of my then young daughter. Digital cameras make is to easy. However...a word sure to get prints of your favorites. A print in hand is worth two hundred on the screen. LOL.

McVal said...

I don't know what you're talking about! Your pictures look gorgeous!

Yelena R. said...

She is so pretty! I agree, she will appreciate all the pictures you about college time :)

Hm...and about the pictures..the blogger uploader is not very good, to tell you the truth. Have you tried flickr? Or, I use Windows Live Writer and it's amazing for blogging. But I think the pictures looks great, since you're so good with using natural light :)

Dana said...

Oh, so pretty! I love these pictures! And praying mantises? LOL! :)

southerninspiration said...

She's adorable and funny, too.....what a sweetie.


monica said...

Aww how cute! Just 2 or 3 pictures - lol!

Love her outfit so cute!

Anonymous said...

Who IS this girl with the long blonde curls and opinions on the right amount of pictures?!?!?!

She is adorable as always. She's also your girl, loves to cook! Me and K like to bake, so perhaps we should open up a restaurant together? You and Grace, Me and K. The twins and L can be the entertainment :)

Dandy said...

She is gorgeous. I love the second picture.

You need a camera with rapid photo taking capabilities. I don't have any advice.

But when I win the lottery I am totally buying you a big fancy camera :)

Heart2Heart said...


Thank you for letting us listen in on a very intimate cute conversation between you and adorable bug! I felt like we were all proverbial flys on the wall.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Meghan said...

Oh! What a doll. I love her.


Unknown said...

The honesty of a child is so very priceless. She is definitely photogenic but I guess she has spoken...2 or 3 pictures. The good thing is that she loves cooking with you but hates the praying mantises scratchy legs. How cute is that???

cherie said...

love your orange bug right there! soooo pretty and smart! your heart stopped beating for a while? hahaha! give her this big hug for me, will you please? mmmmmmm!!!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Omg, could she be any prettier? Too pretty for words! I like the way she thinks too! Personally, your photos look fabulous to me. If Blogger gives you fits: I am partial to a program called Windows Live Writer, and it never (well, almost never) fails me in the picture department and sure makes blogging easier & quicker. Now, if you have this program or knew about it already, you can ignore me altogether :) -Tammy

Elle Bee said...

Thank you Tammy (and Yelena) for recommending Live Writer. I'm going to check that out. On my screen Bug's face looks very pixelated. It's weird because if I just pull the photo up in My Pictures it looks fine.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

She is just too cute! Could I borrow her for a while? I'll give her riding lessons and we will bake cookies every day for breakfast and have pudding for dinner...anything Bug wants :)

Jana said...

Bug is a model...FOR pics do the same thing some times I dont have clue why...but some shots are great till the grace my blog....

Salitype said...

oh! she's so adorable, your little bug is!

Jana said...

I officially need to get a clue...I deleted your email address, I have all kinds of info on homeschooling, it changes from state to state, let me know if you want to hash out details!! I love your broccoli puree idea, you could easily subtract the meatballs, and add cod or halibut to a tomato base, its acidic enough to clean the fishy flavor and those two white types are the healthiest and take on the flavors really well as in, you can only feel the texture, which while be like chicken if you cook it long enough. Never ever use tilapia, itll be too fishy no matter what.=D my novel is now complete.

Relyn Lawson said...

I love that orange creamsicle dreamy little girl! What a face!!