Monday, September 28, 2009

Strange Things Are Afoot (And a Little Bit of Catching Up)

My universe is all kooky over here. Get this:
I keep entering blog giveaways....
...and I keep winning them.
The streak can't last much longer,
but while it does,
I'm having so much fun!
I sit at my front window, waiting for the mailman.
I peek through the blinds,
my breath leaving a circle of fog on the glass,
He arrives.
I giggle madly, and rub my hands together wickedly.
Once he leaves, I grab the mail keys
and run wildly to the box.
It's sick. Really sick.
I won a mini-prize from My Country Blog of This and That.
I wasn't sure what it was going to be and I was
so pleasantly surprised to receive 4 wee jar candles.
We don't even know each other but somehow
she knew I adore the scents of autumn!
Aren't they charming? Bug chose the one we lit for dinner. Spiced Apple! Delicious!
Look at this incredible gem:
I won it from Tammy at Country Girl at Home.
It's so fantastic!
The craftsmanship is perfection
and the design and finish is so utterly country.
I stole this photo from Tammy's website because
my photo of it on the carpet just doesn't do it justice. I can't wait to have it hung
(I finally decided--
it's going in our foyer--
it's the perfect spot for it!)
Thank you Tammy!
Then I won a book from Multiples and More,
one of my favorite websites.
I desperately needed this book and am so
glad to have it in my possession.
Because obviously, my twins aren't going to learn
a stitch of emotionally healthy behavior from their mother.
Thank you Lani & Amanda! My twins will be sending you
thank you notes when they grow up and realize
what peril their lives were in before I got this book!
Now for the catching up.
A while back, Judi at Bentley Boutique
tagged me in a fun game.
Here's the game:
Go to the place on your computer where you store photos.
Go into the oldest folder and post the first picture.
This is it:
Judy, Jay, my dad, me, and my mom.
We are at Rio del Mar beach. Jay had just been
baptized in the ocean. It was an amazing
moment for Jay and for all of us.
Thanks Judi for including me in a fun game!
Yelena at June Daisies passed on an award to me:
Thank you Yelena!
I am to list 10 things about myself that you may not know.
1) When I was little, I shoved a carrot up my nose so I wouldn't have to eat it. I had to go to the hospital. I got a stuffed bunny out of it, and I didn't have to eat the carrot. Mission accomplished.
2) I failed my first driver's license test. But I'm a very good driver!
3) I gained 65 pounds when I was pregnant with the twins. I had to eat every 2 hours or I felt like I hadn't eaten in 4 score and 7 years. The hunger woke me up in the middle of the night even. I'd scurry (like only a pregnant girl can scurry) down to the kitchen and guzzle Carnation Instant Breakfast.
4) My mother grew up in Carmel, CA. Lucky lady.
5) I don't like soda of any kind.
6) When I was little, I wanted to grow up and be a model, a farmer, a veterinarian and a giraffe.
7) I drive a Toyota Sienna and I love it more than any other car I've ever owned. Yes. I embrace the minivan!
8) I am very worried about the environment.
9) I ran track and cross country from 7th grade to junior college.
10) If I don't sleep enough, I'm debilitated by vertigo and headaches the next day....
Good night!


Unknown said...

You are blessed in so many win all of these awesome!

Loved the picture of your family and you're right, that was a very special moment that the picture captured.

As for the shoving the carrot up your nose...I just hope that it doesn't end up with both twins attempting that at the same time. Usually, it runs in pairs with twins! LOL

CottageGirl said...

What a momentous picture that just so happened to be in that first file of yours ... no mere coincidence, is it?

You are one lucky lady!!! Good things happen to good people! Congrats!

You ran track! What a great way to stay in shape ... do you still run? I ran for about 6 years a few years ago. Loved it, but it turned out to be bad for my old knees, so I had to stop. Never felt so good!

CottageGirl said...

Just to clear up any confusion ...
No mere coincidence about the pic ... meaning I think a higher power had a hand in having that pic in that file at that time.

(I believe we are sent signs all the time just to let us know of His presence.)

Unknown said...

Congrats on all of your wins! Couldn't happen to a nicer gal!!
Be well! ~Andrea~
PS. I really liked the post about your mother-in-law, I happen to think they're a treasured gift sent from above!

Amanda said...

I need your luck! Haha! Hope the streak continues!!!!

Heart2Heart said...


Woo Hoo, Congratulations and Way to Go! You go girl! Thems are some great gifts you have won! God is just blessing you over and over again.

Love the beautiful award that you received as well and I love that you stuffed a carrot up your nose to avoid eating it and got a stuffed bunny in return! I'd call that a bit of irony!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

blushing rose said...

Ah, durnnit! (Shuffling my feet!) I thought for sure that was my name she drew. Chuckle!

Congrats! on all your wins. They are all lovely gifts. Enjoy!

Have a lovely autumn week. TTFN ~Marydon

Yelena R. said...

Oh you're so lucky! I never win anything! not that I'm bitter or anything...hahaha

p.s I can't decide if the first fact in your list is horrifying or absolutely hilarious. Both..I think

Buckeroomama said...

Congrats on all your wins...and your award, too!

(Psst, I failed my first driving exam, too... couldn't parallel park in one shot! Duh.)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


You have been one lucky girl on all those wins! Congratulations! I'm so glad you like the pegboard! Glad you decided on a spot for it too.

You poor shoved a carrot up your nose! I've never heard that one before! lol!

Loved the family picture!

Have a great evening!

Flat Creek Farm said...

CONGRATS on your wins!!! A carrot? Ouch. At least you had a reason for it! My nasal feat was a rolled up piece of masking tape. Age 4 or so. Why?? God only knows, and my mom extracted it. For the record, I didn't attempt such a feat ever again. Did you?? :) -Tammy

Unknown said...

:)Enjoying reading this blog, friend, your writing makes me smile, you write like I think, in starts and fits.


Thinking out loud said...

Congrats on your win!

Debbie said...

Congrats on all your wins, from someone who never wins anything. Sigh. Also glad to know that there is someone else in the world who failed their driving test the first time around.

Janene said...

WoW! You have been so very lucky!
Don't you just love when the mailman has a package?! It's like Christmas!!
It was great getting to know random things about you...You don't like soda! Ahhhh! I wish I didn't...because maybe I wouldn't have this strange obsession with Diet Dr. Pepper!

Unknown said...

WOW, you have won some great giveaways!! I adore candles :)

I had fun reading new things about you too :) I wish I didnt like soda, it is all I drink besides coffee, ahhh!! But I am weird in that I dont like cheese, lol!


curegirl0421 said...

Woo! Winning is FUN.

Wow, that's not very sporting of me is it.

But still! :)

Dandy said...

You are on a roll! Play the lottery!

And you could still be a model... but I fear your hopes of being a giraffe are somewhat lofty.


Elle, Congratulations on all your wins. What great rewards. Blessings,

Salitype said...

Whoa! congratulations on the awards, the candles are lovely!!!hmmnnn, can even smell the fragrance.

the first thing about you made me laughed out loud and hard...ha!ha!ha!

and so sorry that you cannot be a giraffe...ha!ha!ha!

Meghan said...

I have been living on Instant Breakfast myself these days. :)

And I agree, you should play the lottery. You'd probably win and then you could give some to me just because. :):)

Love you!

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Wow, aren't you the lucky lady!

I'm new here over from Dandy's Blog! You have twins? Boy, girl? I also have a set. Mine are boys, 13 now. I read that you gained 65?!!! Holy cow, you gained twice what I did. I only gained 32. You went full term with them? 36 wks, or the full 40? Sorry for all the questions I really don't "know" anyone else with multiples.